Blue Topaz and Amethyst Ring

Blue Topaz and Amethyst Ring


Presenting the stunning Blue Topaz and Amethyst Ring from Mirinn Bespoke Jewelry Studio, a classic design with a touch of modern sophistication. This elegant piece is masterfully crafted from sterling silver with an 18k white gold plating, adding a brilliant sheen that promises durability.

The design features a classic three-stone arrangement. An emerald-cut, eye-clean blue topaz (8x6mm) takes the centre stage, displaying a striking blue hue that captures the depth of the ocean. Flanking this stunning centrepiece are round, faceted, eye-clean amethysts (5mm), their enchanting purple tone offering a lovely contrast and amplifying the overall allure of the ring.

Ideal for both day-to-day wear or special occasions, this ring is perfect for those who appreciate unique combinations in their jewelry. Celebrate love, milestones, or personal successes with this enchanting piece.

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