Blue Topaz and Moissanite Sterling Silver Halo Ring

Blue Topaz and Moissanite Sterling Silver Halo Ring


Introducing the Blue Topaz and Moissanite Sterling Silver Halo Ring. Crafted from solid 925 sterling silver and enriched with an 18k white gold plating, this ring delivers both visual allure and lasting durability.

At the core of the ring lies a captivating blue topaz. Known for its calming blue hues and symbolising love and loyalty, this gemstone is sure to delight. Encircling this mesmerising stone is a halo of 1.2mm round brilliant moissanites, each one glimmering with radiant beauty, enhancing the vibrancy of the blue topaz.

Available at an affordable price, this exquisite ring is a perfect blend of savvy shopping, luxury, and unique design. It’s an excellent choice for a gift, celebratory self-purchase, or an engagement ring with a splash of colour.

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