Citrine Ring – Sterling Silver

Citrine Ring – Sterling Silver


Celebrate a burst of sunshine with the Citrine and Moissanite Sterling Silver Ring. Carefully crafted from solid 925 sterling silver and enhanced with an 18k white gold plating, this ring exudes a timeless allure and durability.

The main attraction of this exquisite ring is a vibrant citrine gemstone, the birthstone of November, lovingly cut to dimensions of 7mm X 5mm. Citrine, celebrated for its joyful yellow hue and symbolizing energy and warmth, is an invigorating sight. Encircling the citrine are delicate moissanite melees that add a sprinkle of sparkle, enhancing the ring’s overall luminescence.

Priced affordably, this beautiful ring captures the essence of savvy luxury shopping, blending uniqueness with honest craftsmanship. Perfect for November-born individuals or anyone who loves a touch of sunshine in their jewelry, this piece is a vibrant addition to any collection.

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