Dual Colour Diamond Halo Ring

Dual Colour Diamond Halo Ring


Capture the warmth of the sun and the brilliance of the stars with our exquisite Yellow Diamond and White Diamond Ring. This radiant piece, meticulously crafted in 18K gold, is a delightful blend of luxury and contemporary design that is sure to enchant.

At the heart of this ring lies a captivating yellow diamond, weighing 0.215ct. Known for its intense hue, this stunning gemstone carries within it the joy of a sunny day, the burst of a sunrise, and the richness of golden dunes. It’s more than just a jewel; it’s a tiny sunbeam you can wear, a personal source of light and warmth that will radiate from your hand, turning heads and sparking conversations wherever you go.

Embracing this beautiful centerpiece, sixteen dazzling white diamonds totalling 0.125ct form a halo, adding a spectacular contrast and enhancing the radiant yellow diamond’s brilliance. These sparkling white diamonds are like twinkling stars, each representing precious moments and dreams that make up your unique story.

Wearing this exquisite ring is not merely a fashion statement, but a declaration of a vibrant life lived with passion and an embrace of the beauty that surrounds you. To make an enquiry or explore more customisation options, please fill in the form below. Let Mirinn Bespoke Jewelry Studio help you celebrate your unforgettable moments with bespoke jewellery crafted to perfection.

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