Green Tourmaline Ring – Sterling Silver

Green Tourmaline Ring – Sterling Silver


Unveiling the Green Tourmaline and Moissanite Sterling Silver Ring, a symbol of refined elegance and discerning taste. Artfully crafted from high-quality sterling silver and given a sumptuous finish with an 18k white gold plating, this ring is as durable as it is radiantly beautiful.

Taking centre stage is a special-cut mint green tourmaline, showcased in a square table design, the cool green hues radiate calm and serenity. Framing this gemstone is a halo of brilliant lab-created moissanites that further amplify the ring’s luminosity.

Priced at S$339.00, this ring offers affordable luxury, a beautiful marriage of exclusivity and value. Whether it’s a personal indulgence or a precious gift for someone special, this ring embodies a unique style and commitment to quality that is a signature of Mirinn.

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