Peridot & Pink Tourmaline Ring

Peridot & Pink Tourmaline Ring


Celebrate love, life, and the beauty of unique gemstones with our Trilliant Peridot, Pink Tourmaline, and Diamond Ring. This exceptional piece, expertly crafted in 18K white gold, is a brilliant testament to the delightful dance of nature’s hues and the sublime artistry of bespoke jewelry.

At the heart of this remarkable piece lies a trilliant-cut Peridot, weighing 0.71ct. This striking gemstone, in all its verdant splendour, captures the freshness of new beginnings and the vibrancy of enduring love. Its unique cut reflects light in a dynamic play of sparkles, making this ring a lively focal point on any occasion.

Surrounding the central Peridot, marquise pink tourmalines and round diamonds alternate in a halo, creating a fascinating display of colour and shimmer. The pink tourmalines, totaling 0.645ct, lend a gentle femininity to the piece, while the diamonds, weighing 0.1ct, add an understated elegance and endless sparkle.

This bespoke ring is more than just a piece of jewelry – it’s a vivid expression of your individuality, a celebration of your love for the extraordinary, and a symbol of cherished moments. To make an enquiry or explore more customisation options, please fill in the form below. With Mirinn Bespoke Jewelry Studio, your journey towards creating your unique piece of keepsake starts today.

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