Pink Spinel Signet Ring in Sterling Silver

Pink Spinel Signet Ring in Sterling Silver


Embrace a subtle elegance with the beautiful Purplish Pink Spinel Signet Ring from Mirinn Bespoke Jewelry Studio. Expertly crafted in sterling silver, this gender-neutral piece offers a sophisticated addition to the daily look of both men and women.

The highlight of this ring is a square cut, purplish-pink spinel measuring 6x6mm. Renowned for its vibrant and captivating hue, the spinel offers a unique blend of purple and pink that adds a touch of charm and intrigue to this timeless piece.

Whether you’re seeking to make a style statement or looking for a unique accessory to complete your ensemble, this spinel signet ring is a perfect choice. Its unique hue and timeless design make it versatile for any occasion, from business meetings to casual outings and everything in between.

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