Princess Crown Ring – Sterling Silver

Princess Crown Ring – Sterling Silver


Introducing the Princess Crown Ring, a fairytale piece for the modern-day princess. This regal ring is meticulously fashioned from solid 925 sterling silver, bestowed with a lavish 18k white gold plating, ensuring an enduring radiance and lasting durability.

The crown design of the ring is set with marquise-shaped moissanites (4x2mm) interspersed with round brilliant moissanites (1.5mm). Their brilliant sparkle enhances the royalty-inspired design, making the ring a statement piece that captivates and dazzles.

Affordable yet luxurious, this unique ring is perfect for those seeking a piece that stands out and resonates with their individual style. Whether it’s a celebratory self-purchase, a thoughtful gift, or a romantic proposal, this piece is sure to make a lasting impression.

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